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Lulav & Etrog set from Calabria-Italy (Yanover)

Lulav & Etrog set from Calabria-Italy (Yanover)

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Celebrate your Sukkot holiday with a traditional set of the Arba Minim (Four species) grown with care by veteran farmers at special Citron orchards in Calabria Southern Italy which are under the Supervision of the CRC. 
The Yanover Esrogim are picked with at least 2 Mashgichim present: R' Yoel Edelman (Paris) and R' Eliezer Zilberstrom (Beitar Illit).

Your Lulav and Etrog Kit from Italy includes:
1 Yanover Esrog
3 Vacuum packed Haddasim
2 Vacuum packed Aravot
1 Traditional Lulav holder (Koishele)
1 Special Lulav bag

We strongly recommend you place the Haddasim and Aravot in a refrigerator upon receipt of your order. The Etrog should be stored at room temperature.

*All of our Lulav and Etrog sets are 100% Certified kosher, the different prices represent different grading levels based on cleanliness, shape and size. The grading process is done by professional Mashgichim (Rabbinical supervisors)

Shipping & Returns

We will begin shipping right after Rosh Hashana with your zip code in mind to arrive on time for Sukkot

Care Instructions

You should inspect the contents of your shipment as soon as it is received. The Hadassim (Myrtle) and the Aravot (Willow) should be immediately stored in the refrigerator until the beginning of Sukkot. All other items (Lulav and Etrog) should be stored at room temperature in a cool dry place.

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