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Set of 3 Hadassim Mehudar-Aleph

Set of 3 Hadassim Mehudar-Aleph

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This set of 3 Mehudar* Hadassim for your Lulav and Esrog is a great convenience if your Hadassim generally dry out in the middle of Sukkot.

Please make sure to place in the Refrigerator immediately upon arrival.

*Mehudar (מהודר) can be translated as 'pretty', but is generally used to mean 'above and beyond' what is strictly required.
Mehudar Hadassim are generally "Meshulash Kulo"

Please note: Brand of Hadassim may Vary

Shipping & Returns

We will begin shipping right after Rosh Hashana with your zip code in mind to arrive on time for Sukkot

Care Instructions

You should inspect the contents of your shipment as soon as it is received. The Hadassim (Myrtle) and the Aravot (Willow) should be immediately stored in the refrigerator until the beginning of Sukkot. All other items (Lulav and Etrog) should be stored at room temperature in a cool dry place.

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